The big problems with splinter removal are

  • squirmy kids!
  • lack of proper forceps or "tweezers" which have to be of good quality and must be ground flat on the gripping faces to grab a tiny splinter

The best place to find good splinter forceps is at a good hardware store. Machinists and woodworkers get splinters all the time. I have some in my shop that even have a magnifying glass attached.

Basic directions are:

  • wash the splinter area thoroughly and swab with alcohol if available
  • sterilize a needle or pin with a flame - preferably out of sight of the child, who will otherwise think it will burn him
  • gently unroof the splinter enough to get a grip with the forceps
  • pull it out with the forceps
  • apply some antibacterial ointment (Neosporin®, Bacitracin®) and apply a bandage if appropriate
  • check the site for infection for a couple of days

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