specimen, urine, how to obtain

If you suspect a bladder or kidney infection in your child who is old enough to void on command, here's how to obtain a specimen simply at home:

  • boil a suitable container and lid for 8-10 minutes of rolling boil (a baby food jar will work) and let it cool to room temperature
  • for girls:
    • clean the vaginal area with cotton balls and warm clear water
    • lift the seat and have your daughter straddle the commode facing the tank
    • let her start the urinary stream, and then catch some urine in the middle of voiding - you don't need but a half ounce or so for all required tests - and take the jar away before she stops
    • immediately cap and refrigerate the urine. Take it to the doctor's office in a baggie with some ice if it's going to take a while to get there and be seen. Give the specimen to the nurse for refrigeration when you arrive at the office.
  • for boys: it's the same procedure except obviously you just start the stream and catch it in the middle. I don't have moms clean the boys specially unless they are uncircumcised.

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