Routine Checkup/Immunization Schedule for Healthy Children

Routine health maintenance exams are an important part of growing up for children. We evaluate your child's overall physical health and check to make sure your child's growth and development are proceeding normally. We try to anticipate developmental and behavioral changes that may be happening with your child already or that will soon happen. And of course, we make certain that your child is fully protected from preventable childhood diseases by keeping all immunizations up to date. Bring your question list!


Notes: Hepatitis B immunization should be completed by middle school age. If your child did not receive Hepatitis B immunization as an infant, it should be done sometime before leaving 8th grade.

Chickenpox vaccination is required for school in Alabama for children entering kindergarten. Children receive a booster at 5 before kindergarten. Adolescents and adults require a two dose series. Adults who believe they have not had chickenpox should contact their personal physician.

Don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions regarding these very important immunizations. Our goal is 100% up-to-date immunization of every child in our practice!

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